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We believe that knowledge is power and hence, transparency key for you to make conscious decisions.
Here is how we work on a 100 % transparent supply chain for our products:


Our designs are inspired by Nordic minimalism and longevity. somskat products are created to outlive any season or trend, contemporary and clean shapes are combined with classy and monochrome colors to increase wearing opportunities. Sustainability and pleasing aesthetics are fused.

/ Designed in Stuttgart
/ Technically constructed in Berlin


We choose our suppliers by sustainability certifications and openness to transparency. We primarily use natural fibres, yet we welcome new innovative and sustainable fabric developments. We avoid conventional synthetics wherever possible. Therefore, the product might behave differently than you are used to. No worries - it‘s just nature.

There are some exceptions to material mixes which we take in return for better durability of our products - We constantly try to avoid the polyester share.

Our main sourcing criteria:

/ Fabrics

GOTS or IVN-Best certified
Organic or processed in a closed loop system
Sourced in Europe

/ Labels

Organic fabrics
Natural-based printing
Made in Germany

/ Buttons

Made in Western Europe

/ Zippers

Made in Germany

Wear it carefully, wash it wisely and you will enjoy your item for a long time.

*Please note, that neither our products nor our production are certified.*


Transparency to us also means to show what you pay for. As we do not sell by middlemen, we save traditional retailer's margins and offer an affordable and sustainable product.

An example:

transparent fashion pricing overview

Our production takes place in Europe, Poland. The town Lodz has been affected by global textile industry outsourcing but is still known today for its textile industry. We work with a small family-owned production site, which guarantees social standards, good working conditions and pays above Polish minimum wage. The company is operated in 2nd generation and builds upon 28 years of experience. We visit the production twice a year. Fair fashion only.

Please note, that our production is not certified.

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Do you want to know about your garment's supply chain?
Have a look at the Transparency Index of your garment to learn more.