We are convinced that with every business, companies and consumers should do good and contribute to a healthy and strong environment, socially or ecologically. Responsibility is what drives us. Our main focus is establishing a supply chain as transparent and sustainable as possible. Whilst actively avoiding wasteful overproduction in our supply chain, we donate 1 % turnover of every sold piece to an impact-driven project that is working on saving the environment or supporting people in need.

taste of malawi and somskat cooperation

Stelp e.V. is an aid organisation from Stuttgart that supports where the need is greatest with a network of volunteers, partners and sponsors. The team is committed to a world in which all people can live self-determined, live in dignity and security and shape their future sustainably through their own efforts. We fully support that vision of unconditional humanitarian aid.

1% of our sales in 2021 are donated to Taste of Malawi e.V.

taste of malawi and somskat cooperation

Taste-of-Malawi e.V. is an European-Malawi initiative supporting women to learn how to set up a business as a seamstress. They are given a free workspace, teaching lessons in finances, sales, marketing as well as technical skills. The initiative is actively empowering women to become financially independent. Both teams, European and Malawi, learn and grow together with their challenges.

1% of our sales in 2020 have been donated to Taste of Malawi e.V. Read here about how we supported the team.

tree funding

As part of our Crowdfunding Campaign we were able to fund 168 trees, planted by the Organization Plant for the Planet. The team operates an own planting area on the peninsula Yucátan in Mexico, controlled by the Crowtherlab of the ETH Zurich.

Did you know that every tree saves up to 200 kg Co2 during its total lifecycle?

Do you know a social or environmental project that should become part of our initiative? Tell us.